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Welcome to Ambesty

Ambesty is the place where you will learn how to become a better coder by learning algorithms. It doesnt matter if you've been coding for decades or just recently starting, this site is for you! We provide an in depth tutorial and sample java code for most algorithms.

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     Coming Soon

  • More algorithms - Finish off all the crossed off topics on menu list.
  • Graph Theory - Importance of graphs and how applications like google map are so efficient.

     Forseeable Future

  • Forum - Once we get enough user base, a forum will be implemented for discussions of algorithms and ideas.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Detailed tutorials on techniques to make your programs able to solve complex problems and introduce learning algorithms that makes your program smarter the more you use it.
  • Hacking Basics - Detailed tutorials on computer security and sample code to get around it. Security is an important topic because you must know the flaws to fight against it.

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